021 Rich on Tech Radio Show - May 27, 2023


Daniel Rubino to chat Microsoft Build

Jim Steyer of Common Sense Media

John Faulkner, Road Test Editor at Clean Fleet Report

Rich talked about some of his favorite apps for iOS and Android. They include Email Me, Boomerang, Pocket, Google Photos, Microsoft To Do, My Mind, All Trails, Artifact, Award Wallet, Backdrops, Splice, What3Words, Day One, Fig, Flighty, Flipp, Gemini, iExit and Meteor.

Elin from LA called to say her mom sold a computer at a garage sale and forgot to log out of her accounts.

Netflix beings its password sharing crackdown.

Daniel Rubino of Windows Central joined to talk about Microsoft’s announcements at their Build Conference.

Amazon has a new Fire Max 11, their most powerful tablet yet.

Neon called in to ask about using an Echo for asking questions and YouTube.

Pauli Anne called in to say her iPhone isn’t turning on. Rich recommended a force reset.

Common Sense Media founder and CEO Jim Steyer talks about the impact of social media on teens.

Jan called in to ask why when she was installing apps off the web on her Surface they were installing on her phone. Rich said she needs to install from the Microsoft Store.

Rich and his son Parker talk about Final Cut Pro on the iPad.

The Max streaming service launched this week. HBO Max subscribers will get access and keep their plans and pricing for a minimum of 6 months.

Peloton is changing up pricing and features for app users. Basically, if you like hardware based classes, like running on a treadmill or cycling, you’ll have to pay more for unlimited classes after December 5.

John Faulkner of Clean Fleet Report joined to talk about Vinfast and the Ford/Tesla deal.

Rich explained how the BBB Scam Tracker website can help you research scams before they happen to you.