022 Rich on Tech Radio Show - June 3, 2023

Rich talked about how great the movie Air is and you should stream it right now. It’s available on Amazon Prime Video. Rich’s family is also dog sitting and it’s been a great experience so now they’re considering hosting dogs through the website Rover.com. You can make money by watching other people’s dogs.

Rich says there are a lot of tech events coming up from Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Google and more! It’s going to be a busy next few months through the holidays and foldable phones are a big driver.

Rich is doing a physical backup of his Google Photos collection and recommends you take the time to backup your cloud photos somewhere else on physical storage. Also, if you have Amazon Prime install the Amazon Photos app for free unlimited photo backups.

Brian in Moreno Valley asks how to wipe old computers that don’t work. Rich recommends using the Factory Reset option on devices that turn on. You can also use a program called DBAN on older devices. If they don’t turn on, you can always take the hard drive out and get it shredded at an ewaste facility. Best Buy and Staples will securely recycle your devices even if they still have data on them.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warns not to keep a lot of money in payment apps because it might not be insured and if they go under, you could lose your money or find it tough to recover.

Nick Sutrich covers VR for Android Central. He joined us to talk about the current state of Virtual Reality headsets, including the new Meta Quest 3.

Rich discussed Ring’s settlement with the FTC over privacy violations and hacking. Ring says they have put more protections in place and you can enable End to End Encryption for maximum security and privacy.

William asks if it’s worth signing up for an e-commerce business he’s seeing advertised on TV.

Todd asks the best way to get two channels - his local news on KTLA and Hallmark Channel. Rich says to search for a free app that streams your local news and for Hallmark Channel, Frndly TV has it live for just $7 a month plus DVR.

Alex asks if an email they got about a Zoom settlement is legit. Rich says to check Snopes to see if it’s legit, and it indeed is.

Rick called in with an iPhone tip: you can just say the phone number you want to dial, even if it includes a name. So, for instance, you can say, Hey Siri, dial 1-888-RICH-101 and it will dial the number.

Guest Ross Borden joined the show to talk about a handy travel AI chatbot called GuideGeek.

Chris called in to ask if Ring is still trustworthy for video doorbells given the recent issues.

Rich explained how an app called Reading Mode on Android can help you make any article easier to read and it can read them aloud to you. Shoutout to JimmyIsPromo for finding it!

Kathy in Las Vegas wonders how her friend knows when she is online. Rich explained that various apps show you “active” indicators. You can usually toggle this off on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram for more privacy.

Apple is shutting down My Photo Stream. This Instagram Reel explains what you need to know.

Dan called in to share the issues he’s having getting an HP computer repaired. Rich says to always check for warranty and return info before you buy and continue to stay on any company giving you the run around. Always ask to escalate the call and call back several times until you get the “right” person that can solve your issue.

Magician Trigg Watson joined us to talk about his recent appearance on America’s Got Talent!

Some airlines are charging up to $25 to print a boarding pass.